Types of Masquerade Masks

Types of Masquerade Masks

If you are attending a masquerade ball or party, then you will need a great outfit to wear. The most important part of an outfit for a masquerade party or ball is a masquerade mask. Masquerade masks are stylish, elegant and chic. They can make you and your outfit look great. There are many different types of masquerade masks available. They are available in a number of different colours, from red to gold.

You can also get masquerade masks that feature intricate patterns. Some masquerade masks also include features like diamantes, glitter and even feathers. You can also find masquerade masks in a variety of different shapes and sizes. With all these different types of masquerade masks available, it can be hard to choose one. Before you make a purchase, it is best to know what types of masquerade masks are available.

Types of Masquerade Masks

Stick Masquerade Masks

This is one of the most popular types of masquerade masks. The mask, which usually only covers the eyes or half of the face, is attached to a stick on one side. You hold mask by the stick, over your face. They look elegant and stylish, but they can also be impractical, as you have to hold them up throughout the masquerade ball or party. On the other hand, taking the mask off to eat of drink is very easy, as you simply have to put the mask down, without having to try and untie it, like other types of masks. These often feature feathers and diamantes.

Half Face Masquerade Masks

Half face masks, as the name suggests, cover half of your face. They cover from the forehead to the nose, and they usually have a ribbon, which ties around the head to keep the mask in place. Half face masks are arguably the most practical type of masquerade masks. As they usually have a ribbon that ties them into place, you don’t have to worry about holding them in place on your face, as you do with stick masks. You also don’t have to worry about eating or drinking, as the mask doesn’t cover your mouth, so both of these things are easy.

Full Face Masquerade Masks

As the name suggests, full face masquerade masks cover the whole face. They cover from the top of the forehead to the chin. They feature holes for the eyes, and sometimes they feature holes in the nose or the mouth. These masks are very dramatic, as they cover a wider area than other types of masquerade masks. While they look great, they are arguably one of the most impractical types of masquerade masks. Firstly, talking in a full mask is hard, and it is likely that your speech will sound too quiet or muffled, which is not ideal for a party situation. Secondly, eating and drinking will be too hard with the mask on, so you would have to remove the mask every time you wanted to have something to eat or drink.

Eye Masks

Eye masks are a classic choice for masquerade balls. As the name suggests, eye masquerade masks just cover the eye area, but obviously with holes for the actual eyes. These usually feature a ribbon, which you tie around the head to keep the mask in place. These often feature feathers and diamantes. These masks are very practical, as you don’t have to hold them up like you do with a stick mask, and they don’t cover your mouth or nose, so speaking, eating and drinking are easy.

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