Where Can I Get A Masquerade Mask

Where Can I Get A Masquerade Mask

The masquerade ball is a night of frivolity where an individual will wear a disguise to avoid being recognised, and the masquerade mask is worn at these events. However it can also be donned for other social gatherings such as a birthday or Halloween party.

The masquerade masks are small items which cover the upper section of one’s face leaving holes for the eyes. It stretches to just above the cheeks and it covers the bridge of the nose. It is attached via string fastened around the head, or held against the face with a coloured stick.

The masquerade mask comes in different colours and can be worn by men, women and children. While masks can be made by hand, it is often easier to purchase the more elaborate masks either online or at costume stores.

The online option

Possibly the simplest method to purchase a masquerade mask is via an online vendor. You will often find these items available on websites selling different types of fancy dress costumes such as Halloween outfits. Unlike physical stores, online stores have a wider variety of masquerade masks available to purchase. The masks are often priced between approximately $4 and $220.

Most individuals are not fond of online shopping as they feel one is unable to properly view the item before purchase. Nowadays the majority of online stores provide detailed images of their stock for the consumer’s convenience. Shipping, which is a large concern for most, will usually take between 24 hours and 3 days.

The conventional costume store option

Masquerade masks can also be bought at conventional costume stores – the stores that stock fancy dress outfits for Halloween and birthday parties. The mask is more readily available at costume stores, but one may also locate them at certain regular clothing stores. Children’s masquerade masks will be found amongst the children’s clothing, just as the adult masquerade masks are found amongst the adult accessories.

The D.I.Y. option

While masquerade masks are more commonly bought, one can create the mask at home. This can be done by cutting a strip of material to be tied across the eyes similar to a blindfold. Make a V-shaped incision in the centre of the strip (allowance for the nose) and oval holes for the eyes. Make sure the eye holes are the right size and shape for your face or the mask may seem disproportionate. By adding different colours and decorations to the cloth you can make the mask more exciting.

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