Masquerade Masks In A Variety Of Social Settings

Masquerade Masks In A Variety Of Social Settings

The masquerade mask is a trendy item that can be worn in a variety of social settings, and as such has become a very popular fashion accessory in recent years. They are fun. They are fascinating. They give people a break from reality allowing one to change their external appearance and become someone else for a short period. In fact, this disguise and change in identity was the original purpose of the masquerade mask back in the 14th century.

Originally the festive masquerade mask was made to be worn at masquerade balls. It soon progressed to the standard dress of carnivals, and eventually found its way to contemporary social events such as birthday parties and prom nights. In this article we will describe the most popular events and occasions where one would be most well suited to wearing a masquerade mask.

The promenade, otherwise known as prom night

One of the biggest and most important events in a high school student’s life is that of the prom. Young girls will spend weeks or more pondering as to what would be the perfect outfit to match their perfect night and perfect date. Currently the masquerade theme has become one of the favourites, and these young ladies and gentlemen now have the opportunity to parade around in beautiful outfits with beautiful masks. This will add to the overall atmosphere of the event and make the evening more special for these youngsters.

Special birthdays

The 16th birthday has come to be known as the “sweet 16th” birthday in many cultures, primarily Western. Among the Latino communities the sweet 16th and sweet 15th parties are also known as “Quinceanera” parties. As with the prom, the masquerade theme has being very popular in this area with young girls wearing elaborate and exaggerated masks. These masks are usually half face masks supporting bold colours like red, purple, and black. Gold trimming is also trendy along with large feathers and costume jewellery.

Traditional annual parties

Masquerade masks can and will be worn at any social event that supports the masquerade theme. However, there are those events which allow for masks without the theme being announced prior to the party. These are Halloween and New Years Eve.

Traditionally Halloween was a celebration of the pagan feast day “All Hallows Eve”. It was believed that this would be the one day of the year where spirits were able to walk the earth and amend any unfinished business. Nowadays individuals dress up to represent the spirits and celebrate the night with big parties or night outs. Masquerade masks are present as part of costumes and will be seen in various colours and styles dependent on the associated outfit.

New Years Eve parties are celebrations to welcome the New Year in with a bang! Like Halloween, the particular style of masquerade mask adorned will depend on the associated outfit. However, it is most likely one would see bright masks with adventurous designs instead of subdued designs with pale colours.

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