Venetian Masks For A Birthday Party

For decades there have been particular birthdays that have been granted particular significance. The most popular ones are the 10th, 16th, 21st and 30th birthday. Each has specific meaning and each requires a particular themed party as per the individual’s preference. For example, a child celebrating their 10th birthday would be entering ‘double digits’. A child celebrating his or her 16th birthday would be celebrating their sweet 16th, particularly girls.

In the past, individuals would choose rather demure decorations for their birthday parties, but nowadays 10-year-olds are demanding monstrous cakes and action figures to ensure their celebration is memorable and unique. Presently, the most popular ‘Sweet Sixteenth’ themes are that of the Venetian Ball.

The Lights of the Ballroom

Arguably the most exciting feature of the Venetian masquerade ballroom is the Venetian mask. The majority of individuals will enjoy dressing up for parties, but the addition of a bold mask as a fashion accessory will merely add to the excitement! In fact just choosing your sweet sixteen Venetian masks can be as much fun as wearing it to the celebration. The mask comes in various styles, colours and designs with the three main styles being the full face mask, the full head mask, and the half face mask.

The full face Venetian mask

The full face mask is the most popular type of Venetian masquerade mask designs. It covers the full face from forehead to chin with holes for the eyes. Certain designs have included a mouth hole to allow for eating, however this is rare. This type of mask is well-known for its elaborate decorations and markings.

The full head Venetian mask

The full head mask has been compared to a type of decorative helmet. It covers the head and either the upper half or all of the face, making it a rather uncomfortable item of clothing. The full head Venetian mask will usually support feathers and large items of jewellery as a form of decoration. It is also quite impractical which makes it rather unpopular and unique to social events.

The half face Venetian mask

The half face Venetian mask is the most popular of Venetian masks. It is designed to cover the upper half of the face stretching from the forehead to the bridge of the nose. Unlike the full face and head masks, the half face mask does not conceal your identity completely. While this mask does not hide yours identity, it is more practical than the other designs allowing you the ability to eat, drink, and speak unencumbered. The Venetian mask is generally held to the face using either a length of string or elastic which is fastened behind the head or by holding a coloured stick which is attached to the mask.
A young girl celebrating her sweet 16th would want something to complement her outfit and match the colours. Usually one would choose a large, elegant mask featuring fine trimming. However, her choice will depend on the colour of her dress and extravagance of the party.

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