Masquerade Ball Invites

If you are looking at hosting a masquerade mask ball soon, we have stumbled across an awesome little page that has a great looking free e-invite suited for your event/party. Who doesn’t love free?


The site had one or two other free invite designs for a mask party but this was certainly our pick. I also did a search to find others and came up with zilch! If you have used a site that was helpful for free invites, let us know. We are always looking for super helpful sites in organising a masquerade ball.

You can always make your own mask invites. We collected ideas and gathered them onto Pinterest for you. You don’t need to be on Pinterest to check them out.



If you do want to make your own invite here are some creative tips and ideas for you;

1. Cut a vibrant piece of thick card into the shape of a mask. Here are some templates we found:

– Classic –

– Butterfly –

– Pointed –

2. Fold the cardboard in half and don’t cut the fold if you want the invite to be able to be opened up

3. Decorate invites with glitter, gems and feathers just like a real mask

4. Contact us for a group party discount that you can offer all your guests inside their invite

5. Cut mini masks out to decorate a plain invite rather than cutting out loads of big mask invites.

Let us know if you have any ideas and tips to share with us.

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